Hotel Clermont

In 2018, Hotel Clermont, a historic Atlanta landmark with a rich & storied past, was restored as a boutique hotel. Perhaps the most anticipated Atlanta hotel opening in recent history, all eyes were watching their Instagram.

We launched their social channels in March of  2018, only three months before the opening, with the concept of turning the lights up. The imagery has a nostalgic, timeless quality that resonates with the personality of the hotel while still showing off the amenities.

From the art deco light fixtures to the Outkast lyrics in the room safes, this property is the perfect expression of how past meets present, how a local fanbase comes together with out of towners, & how refined elegance resides with a strip club in the basement.

Over the past year, using a mix of video & still photography, we have worked closely with the brand to concept & create rich, authentic content that resonates with the hotel’s target audience & Atlanta locals alike.

Anything goes, everyone's welcome.

Over time, our role as social media managers expanded to include full-on brand direction for all onsite programming. Working with some of our most beloved local brands, we hosted a Membership drive for The Bitter Southerner, founders retreats for local start-ups, concerts on the roof, and even built out the retail program in the lobby– each touchpoint a bright, shining offering of human connection and a whole lot of fun.