Ladies first, people always.
Honor the work. Make a way.

We believe that the best creative work incites curiosity, inviting you to lean in, to try something new, to discover. Our base principles approach to identity allows us to get to the heart of why what you do matters. From there, we work with you to imagine a strategy that will bring your brand, your vision, to the people who you want holding your product in their hands. Translating that strategy into powerful creative that resonates with consumers in a real, meaningful way is where the magic really happens. 

Our team is decidedly female, a fierce insistence that has led to groundbreaking work for start-ups & global brands alike. It is our experience that women are especially good at fostering a spirit of collaborative curiosity & creative tenacity, and our clients tend to agree. As a female-founded agency, we are defying the odds merely by existing (0.1% of agencies are founded by women) and we are dedicated to making space for more women to get involved in the industry. The female perspective is gaining on the world, and we are here for it.

Our Team


Whitney Bolster

ceo & founder


Madolyn Ropell

project manager


Olivia Dayoub

senior designer


Lydia Sweeney

senior designer


Christine Suh

design intern